You’re a heifer…but a hot one

What Katie Price thinks about anything doesn’t really keep me awake at night. She may very well be a fascinating thinker (shame on me for judging) however her ponderings are usually pretty inconsequential to me.

This week in her Sun newspaper column (don’t ask me how I saw it) Katie Price wrote about recent bikini photographs of Kelly Brook and reached the incredible conclusion,

“You’re a heifer…but a hot one”

Kelly Brook is size eight.

Yeah she’s got boobs (don’t we know it) and hips and bits that go in and out.


But a “heifer”?

Three things….

1. The fact that a size 8 woman could ever be considered a “heifer” both sickens and saddens me. Utterly ridiculous! I’m especially concerned that Katie Price is a mum to a little girl (who probably doesn’t read The Sun…yet. But also who probably doesn’t have great body positivity messages at home.) Worrying.

2. Sisterly solidarity. Sometimes other women can be our biggest ‘enemy’. Jealousy, insecurity, ignorance, good old-fashioned bitchiness…whatever factors are at play – women can be horrible to other women when really they could be our strongest allies. We’re in this together!

I don’t know Katie Price personally but I’m going to take a wild guess that she has issues with her own body acceptance. Ladies and Gentlemen I present a catalogue of surgical intervention as Exhibit A.

I’m sure she’s had her fair share of nastiness directed at her and I’m also sure, despite a tough exterior, that it hurt.

Why on earth then would you inflict that hurt upon someone else? (The use of ‘FLAB-bergasted’ is just plain nasty)

3. The BUT…..”….but a hot one” Does that make it ok? Does the ‘but’ make it acceptable?

I’ve had plenty of ‘buts’ in my time (behave)

Those ‘but’ moments can be said or unsaid – either way they hurt just as much. Sometimes they can arrive disguised as a compliment (“You have such a pretty face…..what a shame” – assistant in a clothes shop) or as well-intentioned advice (“The thing is Kate, you’ve got to have something wrong with you. If you were thin as well….you’d just be TOO perfect” – a male ‘friend’ offering dating wisdom)

I could go on with real-life examples – they are all stored on my mental hard-drive – but I’m sure I’d bore you. And I’m sure you wouldn’t believe that people could possibly say such things. You’d be surprised.

Bottom line is (I’m obsessed with butts…) my body, your body, Kelly Brook’s body, ANYONE’s body is not up for comment. With or without a ‘but’ to soften the blow.