It feels like everything I’ve worked for my entire life has been building to this very moment…I have been invited to be a judge in a baking contest! 

I know, right? Forget any other career milestone – this has to be worthy of the highlight reel. 

Like lots of other people, we’re hoping to raise some money for Comic Relief this week with a fundraising bake-off. As a judge I am now exempt from entering the baking competition – phew, pressure off – but I’ll still be adding my contribution to the bake sale. 

I thought I’d share my favourite foolproof bake for those of you experiencing a last-minute-panic-oh-my-god-I-can’t-bake-and-the-pressure-is-on-to-bake-something breakdown. 

Listen up terrified bakers *hugs* we’ve got this. 

*Fanfare* Introducing the EASIEST bake you will ever discover (remember this day…your life will change)

Lazy Peanut Butter Cookies

You will need…..

180g sugar
180g peanut butter
1 egg

….that’s it. Only THREE ingredients. 

Are you ready for the baking bit? Guess what…there are only THREE steps. Baking doesn’t get any easier than this!

  1. Mix ingredients together
  2. Dollop tablespoon-sized blobs onto a baking tray lined with baking paper (leaving room for oozy growth)
  3. Bake at 180 for 8-10mins

Voila! Peanut Butter cookies you can make & enjoy in MINUTES. They are so quick, easy & delicious and I’m sure will be a HIT at any bake sale/picnic/scoff-fest (just make sure you let people know that they contain peanuts for those living with allergies)

Feel better? You definitely will once you’ve eaten a few cookies with a nice cuppa….better make a few batches to allow for any that may go astray….
Enjoy my pretties! 

Let me know if you give these a whirl too – would love to know how you get on x

V is for Vanished


If you read yesterday’s post you might know how cheesed off I am with this bloomin blog challenge now. The month of April has felt very long and trying to squeeze in a blog post everyday has been a bit tricky amongst work and home commitments, never mind Mum duty and submitting CIPR assignments…! Hurry up May.

Whinge (nearly) over….the end is in sight! Woop! No quitting now.

I’ve just got back from two days in Belfast so today’s post will be short so I can grab some much-needed sleep.

This book is called Vanished. It is scary. It begins with V.

Boom. Done. Good night! x

Dependence Day – Robert Newman


I bunked off school to get this book signed.

I was 14 and completely in love with Rob Newman who had recently split from his comedy partner (always thought it was an odd combo) David Baddiel,and gone solo and all clever and stuff.

Cleverness aside, the man was hot! So off I went to Waterstone’s on the Hayes (in school uniform) to get myself a signed copy of this book.

I think he may have been a little shocked to see me, but he signed my book nonetheless.

During that time I read it religiously and spent ages doodling the image on the cover. It’s dark, hilarious and way better than anything he’s written since taking up the ukulele and wearing a pork pie hat.

This had to be my D book.

“It’s been staring me in the f**kin face!”



Conversations with the Fat Girl – Liza Palmer


Heroes and heroines that are fat and ok with that. I love em.

Sadly there aren’t many around, so when you stumble upon a brilliant rom-com where the fat girl isn’t the loser sidekick and gets the guy without having to drop a bundle of dress sizes, it’s a bit special.

It would be great to see some more of these heroines (c’mon writers!)

Are there any plus sized heroines you love? Let me know, I really enjoy hearing your book recommendations!

Come and have a conversation with this fat girl….

Buddy’s Song – Nigel Hinton


For most of 1991, Chesney Hawkes was the centre of my universe. Those chocolate brown eyes, floppy blonde hair and dazzling smile was enough to make an 11 year old welsh girl fall head over heels.

My bedroom walls were plastered in posters, my Walkman played his album on a loop (only pausing to turn over to Side B) and I counted down the days until his One and Only concert in Newport. (I threw a bag of flying saucer sweets at him on stage after reading in Fast Forward magazine that they were his favourite. It could have been disastrous, but having a hot blonde older sister came in very handy when she managed to blag us backstage to meet my idol. Speech. Less.)

Anyhow, back to the book….

Buddy’s Song (the movie and it’s accompanying soundtrack) launched Chesser’s career. If you haven’t seen it, you have definitely missed out on a piece of cinematic amazingness.

1. Chesney takes his top off
2. Chesney cries
3. Chesney has a fight
4. Chesney has sex
5. Chesney rocks

Because of Liza Walker’s boobage, the movie was rated 12 so I had to tell a teeny lie to get to see it in the cinema. Totally worth getting busted for I’d say.

The book, which the movie was based on is lovely. A heartfelt tale of parental separation, rock bands and living with a lip mole. (maybe two out of those three)

I must have read it, and the song lyrics about a hundred times.

Get some popcorn and coloured denim….watch the movie here

Then and Always – Dani Atkins


I could stop there, but I’d better elaborate so that this is at least in some way helpful.

Have you seen The Adjustment Bureau? Matt Damon. It’s one of my favourite movies. If you haven’t seen it, fix that situation right now. The movie makes you think about how our lives are mapped out, about the reason why you spilled your coffee this morning or why you got stuck in traffic on your way to work trundling behind a tractor. Everything is planned and the Adjustment Bureau exists to make those little tiny tweaks to keep your life on ‘The Plan’. It’s ace. But not connected to this book in any way….

Back to the book. Then and Always settles its story around a similar kind of theme. What if something I do today could change my tomorrow? What if XXX didn’t happen and my life took a different path? (See also Sliding Doors)

Rachel and her friends all gather for a farewell dinner before embarking on their individual University adventures. Something devastating happens that night, which leads to life-changing consequences for the group. But what if something different actually happened that fateful night…..

I won’t mess about, this book is BRILLIANT. Compelling, addictive and emotional. (Yes I cried, what’s new?) If you’ve ever wondered “What if…” and felt the pain of unrequited love (high-five sistas) then you REALLY NEED TO READ THIS. See how I’m using CAPITAL LETTERS to EMPHASISE just how much you NEED this book in your life?

You really should read this. It’s all part of The Plan.

Copy received in exchange for an honest review.

Oh the romance!

I think I might have mentioned my love for reading romance novels maaaaaybe once or twice. I love the swooning and mooning, the flirting and hurting, the missing and kissing. Luckily for me, these types of books are abundant so I’m rarely left without something magnificent to read.

I have always been strictly anti e-reading – I love to turn a real page, crack a spine and sniff the ink (is that weird?) but I was quickly converted when I discovered how affordable digital reading is. We have a Kindle convert right here.

I promise I’m getting to the point of this post.

Yesterday I subscribed to a book blog. I was promised as much romance as I could handle, plus a signpost to the latest cheap deals on the kindle store. Books and bargains. Sold.

Today I got my first email from them.

A competition to win a box of slimming pills.

Umm. Unsubscribe.

Nothing remotely romantic in that is there?

There really is no escape from the evils of the brainwashers. Not even in a ‘safe’ book place.

I’ll stick to finding my own kindle bargains thanks all the same, and skip the nasty pills. They landed me in hospital once.

Hey…maybe that’s a great starting point for a medical romance….