Viva Brazil! 

Just a super-quick post simply to share my joy at discovering ELLE Brazil’s gorgeous cover.  


Any magazine that features plus-size beauty front & centre is just brilliant & I applaud them. No token fat people (“…pretty faces only, don’t photograph them below the neck…”) or the perfect streamlined hourglass plus-size models we’d all love to be….


I’m so in love with ELLE Brazil right now. 

(And very much available if any UK titles would like to follow suit? Call me…)

Kate’s April A to Z Reading list 2014

Here it is! The complete list of my April A to Z selections. A book buffet if you like. (And a very accurate representation of me!)

I’ve loved hearing from fellow blog challenge participants, especially those who have said they might read some of my recommendations. That’s so great to hear! If you are planning on picking any of them up, some handy links are included below.

Thanks for being a part of the bookish adventure.

Happy Reading!

Anne of Green Gables
Buddy’s Song
Conversations with the Fat Girl
Dependence Day
Eat Pray Love
Far From the Madding Crowd
Good Reasons for Bad Things
I’m celibate get me out of here
Jemima J
Kate’s Dates – Coming….Soon!
Love Letters of Great Men
Naughtiest Girl is a Monitor
Organizations don’t tweet, people do
Peter Pan
Quick Reads
Random Acts of Heroic Love
Ugly Betty
Wonderful Cross Stitch
X Stitch
Yes Man




Z is for….



Just like last year.

I briefly mentioned this particular book in last year’s Z post as Zaftig is my favourite term for my personal largesse.

It’s also the name of this marvellously rudie book and as this year’s theme has been books that have influenced my life, it simply had to be this one.

Sit down, this may shock you…fat people have sex. I know. *clutches pearls* Not just any old sex…but juicy, fleshy, delicious sex. This book refreshingly features erotic stories starring both women and men who happen to have larger bodies. It is brilliant.

It is also missing. If you’re reading this ex-lover (you know who you are) I’d really like it back please. Thanks.

That’s it! Another April A to Z blog challenge completed! And on a rudie note too…YES!

Thanks if you’ve followed, commented, liked or read any of my posts. It really is appreciated! And if you’d like to try any of the books I’ve mentioned this month, I’ll be posting a complete A to Z reading list tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Thanks lovely people! X

Big Ballet


I love dancing. I love fat. I love fat people dancing.

The sheer expression of joy in your body, no matter what size, is so incredible. I’m sad that more fatties avoid dancing because of fear and shame.

I know how that feels.

Imagine my delight to read that my favourite combination of joy is about to hit our TV screens this very week!

Big Ballet starts on Channel 4 this Thursday at 9pm. Following the journey of ballet novices (who happen to be fat) as they fulfil their dream of performing Swan Lake.

I have high hopes for this.

I also have a few fears too. Often the idea of fat ballerinas has been used as a comedic set-up and there’s a great deal of teasing opportunity. I haven’t seen any of the show yet (apart from the trailer above) but I’m remaining hopeful that Channel 4 have dealt with this sensitively and with the unashamed freedom and happiness it deserves.

An opportunity to shift opinion, rebalance the anti-fat argument and inspire other fat people to feel their own joy, live their dreams and shed nothing more than their fears and inhibitions.

Here’s hoping. Watch with me?

Photo credit:
© Andyrossy1 | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images



It’s OK

I said I wouldn’t blog for the entire month of May following April’s blog-a-rama, however I came across this amazing TEDx talk today and I simply couldn’t let it go by without drawing your basketball belly attention to it.

Golda Poretsky is AWESOME. Like properly, brilliantly AWESOME.

Her website Body Love Wellness rocks my world. Her podcasts ring with resonance in my ears.

I’m gushing again…but she really is great.

Here’s her brilliant TED talk.

Watch. Enjoy. Love your body. Right now. As it is.

Z is for Zaftig

The end of the A to Z blog challenge is here. We made it here together!

Right back at the beginning, when some people commented how tough certain letters would be to write about, I always knew what Z would be for.

Curvy. Fat. Large. Big. Buxom. Pick whichever one you like.

My favourite is Zaftig.

Such a great word to describe me, I love it!

(Incidentally if you’re a fan of a bit of literary smut, search out the collection of short erotic stories with the same name….super-sexy-hot)


So….challenge complete. Thanks for reading, I have really enjoyed sharing and writing more often.

I hope you stick around, I’ve always got heaps to say.

Goodnight readers! Zzzzzzzzzzz

Y is for You shouldn’t be eating that….

As we near the end of the April A-Z blog challenge I realise that I have wandered off the usual blog topics quite a bit. Sorry about that. Alphabetical restrictions have meant I needed to think differently about what I write about (and I have loved it) but I have made a conscious decision to make my last two A-Z postings as ‘basketball’ as I can.

Today – an unpleasant story

Tomorrow – a joyful one (I always like to end on a high)

So, here we go…

I was 19 and dashing across London to meet a friend to see a show (see M is for Musicals) As someone who rushes from place to place at breakneck speed trying to squeeze every bit of loveliness out of every single moment, I hadn’t taken the time to eat that day (a habit I have since broken) and was hungry.

Rushing + late + hungry = grabbing some street food whilst running across town. I’m sure you’ve all done it.

The incriminating meal was a slice of pizza. I paid and continued to dash, dodging tourists and London suits. I took a bite. Delicious. I chewed hard. Man that was good pizza. From just in front of me came,

“You shouldn’t be eating that” I looked up mid-chew to see an angry-faced man was addressing me “Look at you! You shouldn’t be eating that”

Lost – my appetite. No reward if found.

His work was done. He had bawled out a stranger in the street and continued with his day.

I bet he felt great. I didn’t.

The pizza was binned and I’m ashamed to say it was ages before I would allow myself to eat in public again (everyone I’ve ever had dinner with is now wondering if I was freaking out when I was eating with them….yes, probably) That one tiny moment really affected me and I thought that if I ate in front of people they would all be thinking the same thing. (Don’t get me wrong, there are still Food Police alive and well in my world, I just handle them differently now – not better, just differently – I’m still working on this one)

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a person who says nasty things to strangers, but I bet it must be really horrible to be so filled with hate and rage that it just leaks out of you. Awful.

I also can’t imagine policing anyone else’s body but my own.

Your body, your business.

My body, my business.