Kate’s April A to Z Reading list 2014

Here it is! The complete list of my April A to Z selections. A book buffet if you like. (And a very accurate representation of me!)

I’ve loved hearing from fellow blog challenge participants, especially those who have said they might read some of my recommendations. That’s so great to hear! If you are planning on picking any of them up, some handy links are included below.

Thanks for being a part of the bookish adventure.

Happy Reading!

Anne of Green Gables
Buddy’s Song
Conversations with the Fat Girl
Dependence Day
Eat Pray Love
Far From the Madding Crowd
Good Reasons for Bad Things
I’m celibate get me out of here
Jemima J
Kate’s Dates – Coming….Soon!
Love Letters of Great Men
Naughtiest Girl is a Monitor
Organizations don’t tweet, people do
Peter Pan
Quick Reads
Random Acts of Heroic Love
Ugly Betty
Wonderful Cross Stitch
X Stitch
Yes Man




Z is for….



Just like last year.

I briefly mentioned this particular book in last year’s Z post as Zaftig is my favourite term for my personal largesse.

It’s also the name of this marvellously rudie book and as this year’s theme has been books that have influenced my life, it simply had to be this one.

Sit down, this may shock you…fat people have sex. I know. *clutches pearls* Not just any old sex…but juicy, fleshy, delicious sex. This book refreshingly features erotic stories starring both women and men who happen to have larger bodies. It is brilliant.

It is also missing. If you’re reading this ex-lover (you know who you are) I’d really like it back please. Thanks.

That’s it! Another April A to Z blog challenge completed! And on a rudie note too…YES!

Thanks if you’ve followed, commented, liked or read any of my posts. It really is appreciated! And if you’d like to try any of the books I’ve mentioned this month, I’ll be posting a complete A to Z reading list tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Thanks lovely people! X

Y is for Yes Man


I read this book on a flight home from Australia.

It is brilliant.

With tired eyes I finished reading the book and decided to relax for the next part of the epic journey with a movie.

The movie happened to be Yes Man starring Jim Carrey.

The universe was telling me something and I decided to listen.

I came back from my trip with a new energy, a new focus and a new perspective. Whether it was Oz, or the book or a combination of both…who knows?

Either way, I’m certain that amazing things happen when you start to say “Yes!”

W and X are for….

Sorry! I missed W. I apologise.

But I’m human and I’ve said sorry so let’s move on to a bumper bargain 2 for 1 post.

W and X are for….Wonderful and X-Stitch because guess what….I’m a secret stitcher.



Nothing de-stresses me more than exercising my stitchy fingers and making something gorgeous appear like magic on a piece of aida.

My obsession began years ago when I found a stitch your own napkin ring kit inside a (posh) Christmas cracker. I was soon buying reams of threads and not only following patterns like the ones found in these books, but designing my own patterns too. I love it!

I know it’s a bit grannyish, but it really does soothe my soul, allows me to think and express my creativity in tiny little crosses.

In recent years the rise of subversive stitching (my personal favourite) where the cutesie traditional images have been given a naughty twist has become very popular. I usually give these projects away as cheeky little gifts, but a few of my favourites remain with me (even if only as photos)


Like most stitchers I’ve got numerous ufos (unfinished objects) which I always swear I will get around to finishing one day. My lifelong project is a stitched version of the Mona Lisa which I bought in Hong Kong (instructions aren’t so easy to follow if I’m honest….) and might complete before I reach the age of 80. My own masterpiece! (who knew there were so many variations of the colour brown?!)

My current work-in-progress is below. Can you tell who it is yet?


V is for Vanished


If you read yesterday’s post you might know how cheesed off I am with this bloomin blog challenge now. The month of April has felt very long and trying to squeeze in a blog post everyday has been a bit tricky amongst work and home commitments, never mind Mum duty and submitting CIPR assignments…! Hurry up May.

Whinge (nearly) over….the end is in sight! Woop! No quitting now.

I’ve just got back from two days in Belfast so today’s post will be short so I can grab some much-needed sleep.

This book is called Vanished. It is scary. It begins with V.

Boom. Done. Good night! x

U is for Ugly Betty


I love Ugly Betty. She’s ace.

Someone once told me an outfit I wore to work reminded them of Ugly Betty and I took it as a massive compliment. (Perhaps foolishly…who doesn’t love a colour clash?!)

This book isn’t a heavy read. Neither is it going to rock the world. It’s a light, fun read in the style of Mode magazine (Betty’s workplace) and more importantly right now….it begins with the letter U.

A to Z struggles/fatigue/end of alphabet kicking in……is April over yet?!

T is for Toast – Nigel Slater


Don’t read this book if you’re hungry. Or always hungry. Or likely to become hungry shortly. This will only worsen your symptoms.

This book is DELICIOUS and is a really insightful and heartwarming dip into the early years of one of the UK’s loveliest chefs (in my humble opinion) via some tasty food memories.

It may be sad to admit it but I can usually remember a lot more about holidays, relationships or life events by the meals that punctuated them. This book lets me know I’m not alone in this.

That holiday in Spain? Best chicken I’ve ever eaten. When Take That split up? Hawaiian pizza. That hot date? Creamiest creme brûlée I’ve tasted. And so on….

I’m positive that fellow food lovers and great story lovers alike will really enjoy this. If you don’t, I’ll eat my hat (with a red wine jus and asparagus accompaniment)