There’s Hope

India Arie is a bit of a hero of mine. She is clever, strong & gorgeous and a woman I admire greatly.

This is another one of those songs I use to lift my mood if I’m feeling a bit miserable & ungrateful.

It’s a reminder that it doesn’t cost a thing to smile. Paradise is in your mind.

I hope this makes your day a bit nicer. There’s hope.

Enjoy x


Me and my sister were the Kids from Fame. We often performed the ENTIRE album (12inch vinyl) in our parents’ front room complete with fully choreographed routines.

If called upon, we could probably still cut it right now (never lost it)

This song opens the album and takes me straight back to being a child, singing and dancing with my sister.

Enjoy x

Red High Heels

Baby I’ve got plans tonight you don’t know nothing about…

Wearing my red high heels gives me confidence. I walk in a totally different way – a sassy sashay – and this song combines both this feeling & my love for country music.

Country music tells stories, often about heartbreak (we’ve already established my passion for a good break-up song) and this one is proper cheesy. I love it!

I’m about to show you just how missing me feels

Enjoy x

Quit Playing Games

American boybands. Love em.

N*Sync, EYC, O-Town and of course Backstreet Boys all featured in my 90s CD collection (told you I wasn’t interested in being cool)

Tight harmonies, cheesy lyrics & slick dance routines….what’s not to love?

Did you have a favourite? (It’s gotta be Justin from N*Sync, right? Those curls….I wonder whatever happened to him…)

Enjoy x


It was inevitable that I would love Glee. Even if I really didn’t want to like it, I didn’t particularly have a choice in the matter.

This is one of my favourite scenes from the entire series. Lea Michelle has so much emotion in her eyes & Idina Menzel is one of my singing heroes.

I had never really appreciated this song until this version appeared, it’s a gorgeous duet.

Enjoy x

On My Way

This song is the one I listen to if I need to get my positive head on. If I’m having a tough time or feeling a little bit rubbish about myself, THIS is the tune I turn to.

I play it loud – often on repeat – and sing my heart out.

Give it a go if you’re feeling a bit awful too, let me know if it helps?
Enjoy x