Podcast Picks

It’s International Podcast Day so here’s a quick rundown on what I’ve been listening to lately. Check them out & be sure to let me know your podcast recommendations too…

Ear Hustle

Recorded & produced within a fully functioning American prison, Ear Hustle is a fascinating insight into the reality of life behind bars, as told by the prisoners themselves. Beautifully made, this is tender & eye-opening storytelling at its best. 


As someone who has always kept a diary, I fully appreciate the next-level-cringe as authors share nostalgic excerpts from their teenage journals. “We are freaks, we are fragile & we all survived”

True Geordie

A great mix of interesting guests and straight-talking hosts, Brian & Laurence offer insight into how men think and feel about a range of topics. Always honest, sometimes hard-hitting, often laugh out loud hilarious, this must be what men are really like when we’re not around! A great balance of humour and heartfelt and feels a tiny bit like spying on boys to find out how they tick. Think ‘Loose Men’ with more burping and less botox. 

Modern Love

My favourite New York Times column narrated by guest actors & featuring follow-ups from the writers. A nice blend of romance & swoon together with a healthy dose of real life love. I usually cry. Soppy arse. 

School for Dumb Women

Hilarious and definitely not dumb women, random lessons & outrageous opinions on foam banana sweets (we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one) You’ll laugh and learn stuff and want to be their friend. 

Kind World 

Short story nuggets of kindness and it’s impact. These are great for when you need a quick reminder that there’s good stuff in turbulent times. Perfectly timed for squeezing into a coffee break for an instant boost. 


Intimate stories about the people we meet, the connections we make and the wonderful way the world brings people together and sometimes drives them apart. There is an impressive variation of global topics and issues covered by the brilliant Lea Thau, our host with the warmest voice you’re sure to fall in love with. 

My Dad Wrote A Porno 

You must’ve been under a rock if you haven’t heard at least some of Belinda’s erotic escapades. And if you haven’t, you have three series to binge-listen. Definitely NSFW, unless you happen to work at Steele’s Pots & Pans. Regular binge-breaks are recommended, if only to google the basic anatomy you thought you already knew. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts & podcast recommendations too. What are you listening to right now?