Will you be my friends?

2016-05-13T17-33-51-828I became a Dementia Friends Champion in October last year, after my Dad was diagnosed with dementia. I wanted to find out more about how best to support him and be able to share that learning with others too. I am hugely passionate about the initiative & as someone who LOVES to talk and meet new people it really is right up my alley! There is nothing more personally satisfying than volunteering for a cause you enthusiastically believe in.

Dementia Awareness Week begins on Sunday & to help raise understanding I am hosting a Dementia Friends evening on Monday in Cardiff (see below for details on how to register)

Register here


You can read a bit more about the Dementia Friends initiative here (Dementia Friends) but in a nutshell it involves you coming along to a 45-60 min session – facilitated by yours truly – where we’ll share some key messages through interactive activities and identify some actions you could take to help support people living with dementia.

Did I mention that you also get a badge?


They are fun, informative & thought-provoking sessions and I think you should probably just come along & find out for yourself, ok?

If you’re reading this before Monday night & would like to join me & take action this Dementia Awareness Week, please register here

I’m awesome and I want to come along please


If you are reading this after Monday night, please hit me up on Twitter (@GlamHamm) & I can let you know where/when my next sessions are going to be. I will even come & do a special session just for you if you have a group / team / department / business who would like to become Dementia Friendly – just ask! Likewise if you have a venue that I can commandeer for an hour or so, please shout – I’d be so grateful.

I’m on a mission. Not only for my Dad but for the other 849,999 people living with dementia too. With a little bit of understanding and a few simple actions we can help make their lives (and those who support them) a whole lot friendlier!

I look forward to seeing you at a session soon (….Monday?)

Big love xxxx