W and X are for….

Sorry! I missed W. I apologise.

But I’m human and I’ve said sorry so let’s move on to a bumper bargain 2 for 1 post.

W and X are for….Wonderful and X-Stitch because guess what….I’m a secret stitcher.



Nothing de-stresses me more than exercising my stitchy fingers and making something gorgeous appear like magic on a piece of aida.

My obsession began years ago when I found a stitch your own napkin ring kit inside a (posh) Christmas cracker. I was soon buying reams of threads and not only following patterns like the ones found in these books, but designing my own patterns too. I love it!

I know it’s a bit grannyish, but it really does soothe my soul, allows me to think and express my creativity in tiny little crosses.

In recent years the rise of subversive stitching (my personal favourite) where the cutesie traditional images have been given a naughty twist has become very popular. I usually give these projects away as cheeky little gifts, but a few of my favourites remain with me (even if only as photos)


Like most stitchers I’ve got numerous ufos (unfinished objects) which I always swear I will get around to finishing one day. My lifelong project is a stitched version of the Mona Lisa which I bought in Hong Kong (instructions aren’t so easy to follow if I’m honest….) and might complete before I reach the age of 80. My own masterpiece! (who knew there were so many variations of the colour brown?!)

My current work-in-progress is below. Can you tell who it is yet?


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