Unleashing Mr Darcy – Teri Wilson

It is a truth universally acknowledged that most reviews of books of this kind will begin in this hilariously unoriginal fashion.

And this will be no exception.

Unleashing Mr Darcy is the brilliant new book by Teri Wilson, the first of three stories based on classic romantic tales. If this is anything to go by, we are in for quite a treat!

Elizabeth Scott is our heroine, Donovan Darcy is our brooding English gentleman and the familiar tale is set against the crazy backdrop of dog shows in New York and London. I’m not really a big dog person, but it has even left this Cruella swooning over cute puppies (and wondering exactly WHO hairsprays their pet?!)

Fans of Austen won’t be disappointed, Wilson has very cleverly weaved in beautiful references to the original text (lots of “Aah!” moments of fond recognition) and for fans of the BBC production, and a particular infamous Firth scene there is an extra specially moist treat for you too!

I loved this book, I devoured it in one delicious sitting and would highly recommend it for fans and non-fans of Austen alike.

Who can resist the dark brooding Darcy? Not me.

Can’t wait to see which classic she tackles next!

I was delighted to receive a copy in exchange for an honest review.


Made in Nashville – Mandy Baggot


Is there anything hotter than a bad boy with good Southern values, a guitar and a song? I don’t think so.

I’m a huge fan of Mandy Baggot so I was delighted to receive a copy of “Made in Nashville” in return for an honest review. Having read some of her previous books (and loving them) I had high hopes. I’m really pleased to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

Honor Blackwood has the voice of an angel but hasn’t performed on stage since an awful event rocked her confidence and her entire world. Could bad boy Jared be the one to help Honor find her voice again?

Made in Nashville is set in the vibrant country music world (think Stetsons, glitter, checked shirts, boots and twang) and has many emotional sub-plots beneath the overarch of Honor and Jared’s love story. I think I actually shouted out “No!” at one particular point. (Lots happens in the last quarter of the book – hold on to your hats.)

I love the inclusion of a Country music playlist too, a great little touch to help you get in the mood! Crank it up loud, grab a cold beer and enjoy.


Ps. Unless you’re a country music aficionado, you WILL google Vince Gill (mentioned 8 bazillion times) and love him!

Big Ballet


I love dancing. I love fat. I love fat people dancing.

The sheer expression of joy in your body, no matter what size, is so incredible. I’m sad that more fatties avoid dancing because of fear and shame.

I know how that feels.

Imagine my delight to read that my favourite combination of joy is about to hit our TV screens this very week!

Big Ballet starts on Channel 4 this Thursday at 9pm. Following the journey of ballet novices (who happen to be fat) as they fulfil their dream of performing Swan Lake.

I have high hopes for this.

I also have a few fears too. Often the idea of fat ballerinas has been used as a comedic set-up and there’s a great deal of teasing opportunity. I haven’t seen any of the show yet (apart from the trailer above) but I’m remaining hopeful that Channel 4 have dealt with this sensitively and with the unashamed freedom and happiness it deserves.

An opportunity to shift opinion, rebalance the anti-fat argument and inspire other fat people to feel their own joy, live their dreams and shed nothing more than their fears and inhibitions.

Here’s hoping. Watch with me?

Photo credit:
© Andyrossy1 | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images