Oh the romance!

I think I might have mentioned my love for reading romance novels maaaaaybe once or twice. I love the swooning and mooning, the flirting and hurting, the missing and kissing. Luckily for me, these types of books are abundant so I’m rarely left without something magnificent to read.

I have always been strictly anti e-reading – I love to turn a real page, crack a spine and sniff the ink (is that weird?) but I was quickly converted when I discovered how affordable digital reading is. We have a Kindle convert right here.

I promise I’m getting to the point of this post.

Yesterday I subscribed to a book blog. I was promised as much romance as I could handle, plus a signpost to the latest cheap deals on the kindle store. Books and bargains. Sold.

Today I got my first email from them.

A competition to win a box of slimming pills.

Umm. Unsubscribe.

Nothing remotely romantic in that is there?

There really is no escape from the evils of the brainwashers. Not even in a ‘safe’ book place.

I’ll stick to finding my own kindle bargains thanks all the same, and skip the nasty pills. They landed me in hospital once.

Hey…maybe that’s a great starting point for a medical romance….