The (not so) Great Outdoors

This morning I put on my walking boots and set off on a 7 mile coastal hike in aid of Velindre Cancer Centre. The Lighthouse Walk takes in historic churches, castles and of course, a lighthouse. Velindre’s work is very close to my heart and I wanted to show my support for the incredible work they do for cancer patients in Wales.

Admittedly I am more at home in slingbacks than in hiking boots but I’d like to think I can get down and muddy with the country-types too….I can’t.

I got lost. Hopelessly, ridiculously lost.

I know. How is that even possible on a (large) group walk? Trust me, it’s possible.

Most of the group had stopped for a cuppa just past the Lighthouse, but I decided that pressing on was a better option for me (I know my own body, if I stop, my poorly knee will seize and i’d never make it to the end)


It was all going so well….

I stuck with a small group of expert ramblers (this is an assumption based on the fact they had poles…gotta be pros, right?) Lots of chat was going on, we laughed when one of the old guys wanted to hold my hand (I let him) and commented on my nail polish matching my hiking socks…in summary, we were happy ramblers!

I spotted a field which I thought looked pretty and got my camera out of my pocket to take this (rubbish) photo…


When I looked up, the group had disappeared.

There were three lanes spreading out in front of me and not a single marker in sight.


It was like wearing the KNIGHTMARE helmet without any team to guide me.

Which path?!

This is the point where I should have waited for the ‘cuppa group’ to catch up and make our journey together.


Little Miss Rambler here thinks she knows the way and plumps for lane number three.

Bad decision.