C is for Choir

Strap in. I have lots to say on this one. Have you ever sung in a choir?

Nothing is better for the soul.

As a child, it was the only time I didn’t stammer or squint (my two favourite childhood nervous afflictions) A miracle cure!

My primary school teacher Mrs Davies arrived into my life with funky hair, an acoustic guitar and Simon and Garfunkel.

A bit like an 80’s version of Maria from The Sound of Music.

She was incredible.

Her passion and love for music was infectious and although I could never quite master an instrument (my cymbal playing on Bright Eyes was a defining moment for me musically) I loved to be in her world.

She introduced me to songs I had never heard before, she formed our very own primary school ‘Folk Group’ and we sang our hearts out. How cool were we?!

I had found a new love.

Somewhere between growing up, taking exams, discovering boys and deciding my direction in life, I lost this love.

Fast forward 20 years (oh my goodness I am OLD) and I’m wiping tears away from my eyes after watching the most inspiring TV documentary featuring two incredible women in business. It was moving, exciting and I was undeniably left with the strongest feeling I LOVE THESE WOMEN! I WANT TO BE IN A CHOIR!

I can remember posting something that day on my Facebook wall, along the lines of…CAN’T STOP CRYING AT THIS. I NEED TO BE IN A CHOIR! Mrs Davies commented (because we are still in touch, albeit virtually. Who would let someone amazing like that leave their life?) “Do it Kate!”

A tiny fast forward this time…I’m sat in my office and an email plops into my inbox inviting volunteers to attend a choir taster session at my workplace. DING.

Of course, as the Universe has such a wonderful way of bringing amazing things into your life at exactly the right moment, with exact synchronicity….the choir taster session was being run by the INCREDIBLE Sing and Inspire which (surprise surprise) was dreamed up by the same two amazing women featured in the TV doco I had sobbed along with. Destiny!


I feel very lucky to say that going along, singing some songs (unintentional rhyme) has brought so many wonderful things into my life. New opportunities, new experiences and most importantly of all, new friends for life. You’ll hear more about them in future A-Z posts.

The singing bit is important, but the warmth, love and energy is the really really good bit.

I’m so grateful I can count all of the Sing and Inspire team as colleagues and friends. They were meant to be in my journey.

Recognise those moments in your life when the dots line up.

Join a choir. Sing. Never look back…but only to see how far you’ve come.

4 thoughts on “C is for Choir

  1. This has evoked such memories. That cymbal was a triumph. Thank you for being you. Tears before bed time.

    • Mrs Davies! I’m so grateful! You are and always will be such an important person in my life. On a less soppy note, come and join our choir, its got you written all over it!! X

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