Woah we’re (nearly) halfway there…

Day 46 of 100 days of dancing and I realise that I haven’t updated this in quite a while.

Yes, I’m still dancing each and every morning when I wake up.

And yes, it still feels awesome.

In all honesty, there have been a number of mornings where I didn’t really feel like dancing. Like everyone, I’ve had some pretty rubbish days where I felt like throwing the duvet over my head and hibernating. However, knowing that my one song will instantly lift my mood and boost my energy is enough to keep popping my headphones in my ears and moving my body at the crack of dawn.

For every day that I crawl out of bed, there are two days where I have to try hard to limit my dancing to just one song. (Mornings in our house are far too busy for a full-on disco)

I guess the overall conclusion I’m heading towards is that a commitment to your body doesn’t need to be punishing or unkind.

I can still like myself. And that is good.

I posted a link to my 100 songs playlist on Twitter – feel free to chuckle at my music choices and join in with the dancing!

This was today’s song – it makes me smile

You dancin?
You askin?
I’m askin!
I’m dancin!

Feel My Love

Bit late to the Joan Rivers vs. Adele nastiness but I thought I’d throw my little contribution at the growing pile of commentary.

Those disparaging Joan Rivers’ appearance in response to her personal attack on our beloved Adele have completely missed the point.

Acceptance. Love. Kindness.

My Mum always used to say to us as kids “If you do it back, you’re just as bad” and my Mum is NEVER* wrong. (*ask my Dad)

Clearly Ms Rivers has her own acceptance issues. The irony in her making fun of someone else’s appearance isn’t lost.

She is also a comedian trying to do her job and make people laugh. We know that fat jokes are not a new thing.

But are they funny? Nope. Will they stop? Only if we stop laughing.